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Watchdub – anime and cartoon website, where you can watch movies and series for free. There you will find huge list of old and new episodes, daily updated in any genre. Site simple and friendly with any device like: android, ios mobile phone or tablet, apple mac, windows pc or even tv.


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What is it Watchdub and how to claim money

watchdub website

Watchdub – website not so popular in anime or cartoon community. Why? i dont know. Maybe not enough shares on twitter or facebook, maybe need some more strategy on marketing. I dont know. But who use this site, everytime find what they searching. Not only find, but they watch with high quality. Sometime for me Watchdub better than other popular anime sites like: gogoanime, animehaven, animeshow or similar websites.

What you can find on Watchdub? You can find a lot of. Huge list of archives, huge list of daily updates, and big list of unseen anime. They have some movies, and you can find not only anime, but cartoons too. Thats great for us and for me. I recommend use this site, cause there you will find not only anime to watch – but high quality. All anime not only on original language Japan, but there you will find translated to english and other languages. Some series which i love from Watchdub:

  1. Gosick anime – Not so new anime, released at 2011. But its great and still interesting. Gosick have cool genres like – Mystery, Historical. I never will be bored, cause is cool. Maybe, cause its more for older people and not for kids. 🙂 Created by Bones and Funimation.
  2. Regalia The Three Sacred Stars – one more great anime by Japan creator – Actas. First episode launched at 2016. Recommended to watch – they dont have a lot episodes, but all of them are great.
  3. Little Witch Academia – genre – action, magic. Good anime, i watching it, but it dont have something special. A lot of people dont like these series, like Regalia.

These series are great i recommend to watch on Watchdub website for episodes quality. Im sure updates will be on time, so you dont need to worry or search for other site where to watch anime. Thats cool, and one more thing cool – you can get some money with this site. How? Download our step by step guide and dont forget to fill up form. Without form its not possible to get this $100 from Watchdub website. If you have some questions about this deal, or you have some comments for any thread – come here and leave you words.

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