Readmanga today give you everything in one place and only with one app without any ads. You dont need search anymore for eu, com, online, today domains. With this app you can watch and read manga, check for new anime, view today comics or draw arts with any device like smart phone, tablet, pc or mac and just with one app. Read manga you can download below for android, ios or windows systems for free.


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What is it Readmanga today


What kind of domain you use? Online, today, eu, com or whatever… You finding almost same manga and anime on everywhere. Why you need search again and again about fairy tail or one piece manga, you could download our app. At readmanga today you will get all series in one place, and you can use it in with any device like pc, mobile or tablet.

Read manga today is site where you can read manga. So in our app which you can download above in post you not onl reading, but you can watch movies, series, discuss on forum or upload your own stuff about manga, anime, cartoon, art and comics niche. Developers will say biig thanks for that.

This anime app and site is very popular. We dont know original birth place, maybe it was somewhere in asia, like japan, but it become popular all over the world and all over the anime community.

If you dont know what is it manga, or anime and whats the difference betwwen them, so:

  • Anime – animaed comics or cartoon, created by Japan, and original language Japanese.These anime have created same by Japan, but its not a book – its show, like movie.
  • Manga – its same hand painted comics and cartoons but its are book. It could be ebook, paper book, journal, or just simple pdf or photos.

Thats the difference between anime and manga.


Read manga today app features

read manga today

Read manga today app features and detailed information about it. Download link posted above and you can use this with all devices like android smart phones and tablets, ios iphone or ipad, pc and apple mac. Readmanga app easy to use and simple to understand.

  • Huge list of manga, anime

In this readmanga today app you will find huge list, archives about manga, anime, cartoon, comics. From fairy tail to one punch. Everything in one place.

  • Check for archives

If you want read some older manga series, go and check for archives. There you will find thousands of files which you can not only read, but also – watch.

  • Watch manga movies

Now, in manga read today also available feature to watch movies. Its not hollywood movies, there is anime, manga, comics, some art from uploaders and more great videos. I recommend to download app for your pc or smart phone and try it.

  • Multi language

Readmanga – its very popular not only in asia like japan or china, or america like United States, but also popular worldwide. Thats why app available for a lot of countries languages, like france, germany, russia.

  • upload feature

If you have something special, draws, movies or your own manga, anime or comics, upload direct to the system and tother can read, watch or view. Admins and moderators must approve your uploads.