If you like read manga online and for free – download new MyManga app. Friendly with any device for ios, android and windows. Daily updates of anime, manga, comics. Some features:

  • huge list of manga, anime.
  • Completed series available.
  • Upload art of episodes yourself.
  • Forum.
  • Original and translated movies.
  • Choose your language in settings.
  • Friendly with all devices and os systems.


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New MyManga app


MyManga – app where you can read manga for free online. This app working with all devices like iphone, ipad, any tablet or smart phone. MyManga friendly with all os systems: windows, ios, android. So you can read now manga not online with pc, but everywhere with your mobile phone or tablet. Its easy and cool thing.

Old site was mymanga me – but its gone and have been closed. So now only this way, by downloading app, possible to read manga for free and online.

There you will find not anly manga, but anime, comics too. You will dubbed or original language. You dont need any registrations, its easy to use. Download, and you got account instant. You will find settings – where you change avatar, nickname and more features.

Here s available one option which is very interesting – upload. There you can upload almost everything what you want from manga to anime, from comics to cartoon. Thats great app and great place not only watch anime or read manga, but also discuss. In MyManga available forum. Thats great for our community. Also, you can leave comment after every episode or series.

In app you will see lot of more options and features. Its simple to use and easy to understand. You will find big list and archives. There tons of anime, manga, cartoon and comics episodes and series. They have daily updates, so if you like bleach, dragon ball super or fairy tail – im sure same day when them released you will find app to read or watch.

What you need to know more… I dont know. Just download new app and read manga online for free!