MangaInn – website where you can read manga and they have huge list of them. Also site have new feature – watch anime, sad that not in the same site. Why MangaInn is popular? Cause there you can see daily updates, new manga series or new genres.. If you know what is it fairy tail – MangaInn its like that. 🙂 And if you like this website, its possible to claim $100, you need fill up the form – which you can download from our site. Its everything for anime, manga and comics community – everything free and everything is possible.


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MangaInn – anime between manga

manga inn

If you like manga or anime thats mean you know sites like: animegogo tv or io, readmanga sites and similar. Them all are good, everywhere you can watch anime or read manga online and for free. But you know why MangaInn is better? Cause there is:

  1. daily updates. Other sites just saying “we have daily updates”, “new manga everyday”, “100 anime everyday” and similar words. But its not true. Online MangaInn have daily updates and its true. I have visited this site daily, and i seen that fact. Thats why this site is better than others.
  2. No ads. Of course you will see ads, but them not so angry, no popups or underpops. I like it. You not? If not, maybe go to other site. And leave this kingdom for us. 🙂
  3. Huge list. This site have really huge list. You will find not only popular manga like: one piece, naruto, fairy tail, kingdom, bleach but and other and original Japan manga like: SHOKUGEKI NO SOMA, NANATSU NO TAIZAI, KARATE SHOUKOUSHI KOHINATA MINORU and more. Thats great that you can read almost all possible manga in every site.
  4. New feature – watch anime. Thats great, but its looks like not their site. So its bad. If you looking for anime, maybe you need go to: anime link or somewhere else. And same thing, maybe its better.. too much informatiion in one place – more traffic, and site lost control with all of stuff.
  5. Thats why MangaInn have great quality, cause there not too much stuff on site. Other sites have everything spammed: manga, anime, comics, cartoon movies of them and more. You think its easy to control everything? of corse not. Much better good one category, than a lot of bad categories. Thats why for my, MangaInn is best to read manga online for free.
  6. With MangaInn you can claim $100. With other manga sites you can not. Thats why this site is best. You can download our guide and form for that. You need fill up it and thats it. Wait few days for answer.