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Animeshow – website where you can watch anime series online and for free. Daily updates, simple design and huge list of high quality episodes.not only new but also tons of old series. Website working cool with any device like smart phone, tablet, windows pc or mac. So you can stream anime everywhere. If you like this site, if you like anime and you know more series than Fairy tail –  please download our tutorial + form and claim $100 with


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Animeshow tv and how to claim $100

animeshow tv one more anime site. Sorry, not one more, but this site have omething special. Maybe its only for me, but i dont think so. This site not top in google or in anime community, but its very popular. Why? Cause they have daily updates, a lot of new series and episodes, animeshow tv have archives and list for old anime, so you will find everything what you search to watch. Also this website good cause its without ads. Yes, without any popups, underpops and similar ads.

What yoy can watch at animeshow tv? Here is a list of my best anime:

  • 18if series – one of my best anime, and thanks to that they updating often episodes from 18if. They have good quality, so its cool to watch. Its new anime, launched only at 2017 july, but instant i added to my favorites. Dont know why… Its like always, created in Japan, by Gonzo.
  • Ballroom e Youkoso – very good anime. I recommend to watch. Some people on anime community forums and other websites, dont like this anime, but i not only like but i recommend to watch for everyone. Ballroom e Youkoso launched at 2017 july. Developers and art: Production I.G.
  • Clione no Akari – one more great anime with great episodes. You can find them on animeshow and ii recommend to watch it. Creator: Natural-Rain, Launched: 2017 summer.

Tons of episodes you can watch at animeshow, these only of my favorites list, cause not in all website can find these new and fresh series of anime. Thats why this website is popular. You can find all fresh and new series, episodes with high quality. You can watch series with any device, like mobile phone or table, windows pc or apple mac – cause site simple and easy, so its working like app. Thats great for us and for anime community.

Also, animeshow great cause you can claim $100 if you like anime and this website. How? Download from and guide – and you will get. Easy! Its not big money, but for me its good.