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8comic, anime, manga, cartoon and how to make money

8comic bleach

8comic – comics site and app where you can read manga or comics, watch anime or cartoon. This site and app very good. They have high quality design, so you can use 8comic with any device like windows pc, mac, mobile phone or any tablet. Thats great, so you can read manga or watch anime everywhere and worldwide.

8comic have huge list of stuff with daily updates and big list of older manga and anime in archives. If you missed some updates, you can easy find what to read or what to watch at app or site. There are tons af anime, like one of the most popular now – bleach. And they have a lot of manga to read. Everything updating often, so its good place to visit.

App is great, cause they dont have any ads like popunders or popups. Thats make site looks perfect.

But in site we have one problem – language. I dont know how in app, but in site you cant see any English language. It looks like Japan or some asia language. So its hard to use, and now hard to find translated manga, comics, cartoon or anime which you can read simple Thats big problem for people in europe or america.

But for asia people, this site is great. Not only for watch or read, but with this site you can make money online. If you like anime, manga and you like 8comic site or app – download our step by step guide, download form to enter and start work with manga, anime, cartoon and comics. Its easy and simple deal. We have tested this method and its working – our results with oney: $50 a day. Its not big sum but for our site its cool. In PDF you will see detailed step, how to do, where to do everything and how to join and start work with 8comic.

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